On Gramail: God of Time and Space

by Danu Agar of Suomi

"Gramail is the god of laws, natural and artificial."

-- Shrine Attendants

Gramail is possibly the most powerful god of the octogram. Why, might you ask, would the god of Law be more powerful than the others? It is not only the laws penned by self important Legislators that lie within His dominion; it is the laws that bind the very fabric
of our existence within Temuair.

Gramail is also the god of Natural Law. While we may not consciously think of these laws, they govern us even more so than the laws of the towns. For Gramail to have dominion over these things gives Him immense power. Nearly everything imaginable is bound by the natural laws, and thus nearly everything can be manipulated in some way by Gramail

With His power, Gramail could remove even the very forces that keep our feet planted to the ground. We would all suddenly float to the heavens, perhaps never to return. Indeed, many things can be done while in control of natural law. Lord Gramail is known to have special dominion over two particular aspects of Natural Law: Space and Time.

Every living thing is at the mercy of time. We grow tired and old with its passage, and we're often trying to accomplish things within a set amount of time. A god with dominion over time would then surely have powers great enough to commit mighty acts.

"...I summon to-day all these powers
Against every power that may oppose my body and soul
Against incantations of false prophets
Against black laws of pagandom
Against false laws of heretics
Against spells of woman and smiths and wizards   
Against every knowledge that corrupts man’s body and soul..."

-- Lobokia, "Mighty Gramail"

Gramail does not use His dominion over time with folly. The closest ability even His most devout followers have to control time is to remove enchantments. While some may not feel this is a time-related ability, the very nature of His powers allows for his followers to reverse the time of their very bodies. This supplication makes it as if the enchantment had never been afflicted upon the caster at all.

His abilities to peer into the future in order to see what lays ahead allows Him to grant His loyal followers prophesies. This holy gift allows aislings to change or stop events; creating the possibility of a better future. It could be said that the impressive foresight of His followers helps them to become such accomplished politicians.

Though He does not grant many obvious gifts of time to His followers, He still has many powers at His disposal. The most obvious would be to turn back time; allowing for the flow of events to change - thus changing the present. Should He so be inclined, He could prevent or cause wars; giving Him some power over Ceannlaidir.

"...Nothing can last forever, but we seem to be preserved like dried goods for winter.
By the right mixture, one near death can be snatched away from the brink.
By the powers of the gods allowing, the touch of death can be wiped away..."

--Katrionah, "Timeless"

Lord Gramail is also able to alter the age of a person; to make them old or even bring them to an early death. Imagine being at the peak of your youth one moment and a decrepit old man the next. On the opposite side of the coin, He could grant someone eternal youth; thus giving Him a degree of power over Sgrios.
This is, perhaps, another reason for the animosity between the two gods.

Finally, Gramail also has the ability to make time stand still. While it is impossible for us to know how often this power is used (if we are frozen along with time it will be as nothing has changed), He can use such a power to aid a pious follower while they are in battle. This would allow for the worshiper to smite their opponent while they remain frozen.

Space is something that is difficult to define. Everything exists within it, and yet we can pass through large seemingly empty spaces. Gramail, in His infinite power, is able to control space as well.

"...It was Gramail's ability to bend time and space that allowed them to escape
 the destruction of the invading darkness..."

-- Reynnard, "Fiosachd and His Place in the World"

Gramail uses his dominion over space a little more liberally with His devotees. Followers of Gramail are commonly known to supplicate scrolls that will bring an aisling to any town. They are also able to bend the fabrics of space to return to their homes. In Deochs past, members of His fellowship had the powers to travel to many locations through these bends in space, but Gramail took this ability from aislings due to abuse.

"There are spaces in between time, and times in between spaces.
You see the edge of the village before you.

-- Gramail, Mileth Altar

Aislings who worship at the alter in Mileth will undoubted be blessed by Gramail. For their personal piety, Gramail will bend the fabrics of space for aislings of any faith to bring them across Mileth. This is a gift He chooses to share quite freely.

Gramail has many more powers over space, which He chooses not to use thanks only to his righteousness. This is a blessing, for these mighty abilities could wreak havoc instantly.

He has the ability to bring large groups of aislings anywhere, or even send a whole village into the sun. He need only bend the space around whatever he wishes and every aisling and mundane could be lost amongst the stars.

Should He choose, he can even blink an aisling (or anything, for that matter) to a realm of nothingness - or even to nonexistence itself. This is a true oblivion that an unlucky few ever know.

These mighty gifts are only some of the powers He possesses due to his dominion over Natural Law. If this is only a fraction of His power, imagine what else He is capable of. I will leave that to the imaginations of the readers.

Remember this the next time you choose to think of Gramail as the weakest of the gods; for He may just prove you wrong.

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