A bit of History

In the beginning, the original Dark Ages GM ran all contests with a deadline for each contest type per month and then winners from the submitted entries were announced on the Dark Ages website. Over-time, GMs became less interested in judging contests so eventually the current mostly player-run contest system was implemented after a few different iterations.

Currently, the way contests work is thus: Players must attend classes held at the Mileth College. After every class attended, there is a small chance of obtaining an 'Educated Mark' on your Legend. After obtaining three of these marks, you are allowed to enter the Contest Hall on the lower right side of the Mileth College to post an entry for judging. Once an entry is posted, former contest winners are asked to critique the entry and then give a suggested award level.

As you might think, this is not the most fool proof system that could have been implemented, but players involved with the Mileth College and the Contest System have done the best they can to make it work. If you have any particular questions about an aspect of the contest system, the current contest host is 'Laurier', contact him in-game and I'm sure he'll be more than happy to answer.

As you can imagine, winning a contest with an entry relies on a variety of factors. This is a small guide aiming to help people new to the contest system with the basics of writing an entry.

Contest Rules
Tips for College Success

Explanations for the Contest Types

Contest Rules
Written by Former Contest Host MaeSen

Official Contest Rules

  1. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Should an entry be noticed as containing or being constituted of plagiarized material, please report it to a Contest Host. If they are not available for some reason, let one of the Knights know. (( Individuals utilizing reference material from sources other than their own creative works MUST cite their sources! )) You will be disqualified and barred from entering other works if you attempt this.
  2. Those with more than one jail or arrest mark, or any combination thereof, are not allowed to enter the contests. This decision was made by the Mundanes. (( You can enter on an alternate character if they qualify, but it can only be entered in their name. ))
  3. If you receive your first or second jail/arrest mark while having the mark of Nobility, you will be marked for denouncing immediately. We are mentors, keep that in mind.
  4. Those of you who have been Sgathed are not allowed to enter the contests. (( You can enter on an alternate character if they qualify, but if can only be entered in their name. ))
  5. Those suspected of bribing, coercing, or otherwise harassing other Nobles for cotes on their entries will be reported to a ranger and/or the Mundanes for further review.
  6. Your submitted entries may not violate Mundane Law. Works containing inappropriate or non-contextual profanity will be disqualified at the discretion of a Contest Host, ad forwarded to a Ranger and/or Mundanes for review.
  7. You are not allowed to vote for a sibling's entry, your own entry, nor may a sibling (or siblings) vote for an entry if you have already done so. Those suspected of this will be reported to the Mundanes.
  8. Altering your work after submitting it for review is not permissible. Works that are significantly altered during the course of the vote and/or Mundane review will be disqualified at the Contest Host's discretion.
  9. Each Aisling may submit only one entry per Deoch. Any entry posted before a full Deoch has passed since their previous entry will be disqualified. Ask a Contest Host for information on when you can enter again.
  10. Nobles and Rangers must spend the five "Educated" marks in order to submit an entry. Works not accompanied by the Global Shout will be disqualified. (Editors note: The required number of marks is now three instead of five)
  11. ((Use of Nexon's intellectual property pertaining to unreleased content - including, but not limited to, images, quests, armors, icons, skills, spells, animations, or any other content either from LOD, or unreleased but unimplemented within this client, is a violation of the ToS, and is strictly prohibited.))
  12. All entries must relate to/evoke the theme of Temuair. ((Entries should be free of OOC content (Heresy), and MUST be DA-related.))
  13. All entries must be either posted on the Contest Board or Posted on a Foreign Board ((AKA a website, etc. This method is preferred. NO downloads!))
  14. Once you have voted, you can not change your vote. This helps the Contest Board and possibly the Contest Host.
  15. Individuals found to be breaking the rules, in addition to being disqualified, may have any existing nobility taken away from them, or may be barred (permanently or temporarily) from making future entries.

Tips for College Success

Speaking from my own experience both judging entries and reading the reviews of other judges, these are a few tips that may be helpful in getting the most out of whatever kind of entry you plan on making.



Artwork or music created and owned by you, directly related to Dark Ages.

- Evoke the theme.
- Specify something found in Temuair.
- Use a style appropriate to your piece's mood and the overall theme.

In-character, your character is considered to have created this work of art.


A biography of an Aisling or a mundane in Temuair. Submissions will be judged for cohesion with the world of Temuair, literary quality, sincerity and originality. The character need not have done incredible deeds. The importance lies in how completely you describe all or any aspects of the character's biography.

An article about one particular event in the character's past, which is told as a story, is considered a literature entry. Only one biography entry per Aisling will be awarded. If your name were Eire, you could only be awarded for one biography about Eire. No Aisling level Biography award is offered, Biography award winners cannot teach classes.

- Evoke the theme.
- Don't be an alien. Unless there is a very good reason, you were born somewhere in known Temuair.
- Include and animate some mundanes.

In-character, your character is considered to have told this tale about him or herself, and acclaimed some fame for it.


Temuairan History: History of in-character events in the Dark Ages world.

Grinneal History: History of significant events before the appearance of the tuatha de danaan.

Danaan History: History of significant events after the appearance of the tuatha and before Danaan's Great Sacrifice.

Deoch History: History of significant events after the appearance of the first Aisling.

Works directly relevant to Temuair are appreciated. Imagine the events that occur, which newer Aislings have no chance to hear about. Today's events become tomorrow's legend. If the work includes entertainment, storytelling, and/or character development, then it should be a literature entry instead of a history entry.

- Evoke the theme. Research.
- Include and animate some mundanes.
- Pick an important event that affects Aislings now.
- Don't attribute actions to Temuairan gods without good reason. Don't make up new races, gods, and so on without good reason.

In-character, your character is considered to have written the work.

Literature: Story/Poem

Literature written by you, based in the Dark Ages. world, Temuair

Story: Prose writing of actual characters in Dark Ages, or ones never-yet heard of, but in the Dark Ages world.

Poem: Poetry based on Dark Ages.

- Evoke the theme. Research.
- Include and animate some mundanes. Evoke the mood of locales, the sensation of items or experiences.

In-character, your character is considered to have written or told the work of literature.


Out-of-character or in-character manual-quality material. It may be on any aspect of the Dark Ages game or world.

- Pick a topic useful to new Aislings.
- Pick a topic you are an expert on.

In-character, your character is considered to have written an article of lore about the aspect of Temuair.


Temuairan Philosophy

Theory: This may be a magical theory, a treatise on a particular creature, or anything that inspires you and is considered 'plausible.'

Theology: A theory, treatise, or essay in-character about a deity in Dark Ages, that is either known to exist or reasonably exists but is not known.

Sociology: A social treatise. Not a propaganda document or doctrine; instead, a useful document. For example, a creative treatise on the merchant's trade of Abel.

Your own: Another humanity work you are inspired to write.

If the work is more practical in nature, perhaps it better as a Lore submission.

- Evoke the theme. Research.
- Don't plagiarize Earth's philosophical treatises.
- Don't put words in a Temuairan god's mouth. Do be creative. Don't make up things that don't fit into Temuair.

In-character, your character is considered to have written the work.

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