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Welcome to Temuair's greatest library, Aisling.

Surround yourself in imagination, which makes you Aisling. Drink in; replenish your creativity.

400+ works on display in the library and counting!

Librarian of Loures

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Links to other Dark Ages Resources and Community Pages

Useful Dark Ages Resources
  • Dark Ages: Online Roleplaying
    Dark Ages offical website. Good for the most up to date news about the game.
  • The Unoffical Dark Ages Discord Channel
    (/EUxw8fw) Many helpful people and channels for keeping track of in-game activities.
  • Wanderlust
    An ever growing collection of Dark Ages content maintained by Vamistle.
  • DA Wizard
    BioMagus's long standing site, although called 'DA Wizard' it has indepth information for all classes.
  • Vorlof
    A large resource for general information.
Player/Guild Pages
Legacy Dark Ages Websites
  • Aisling Spark
    Estara's Aisling Spark is a large collection of original and hosted works from long-ago that has been online longer than any other Dark Ages website. She also hosts this Library on her webspace!
  • PlanetDA
    At one time, PlanetDA was the biggest gathering forum for DarkAges. It is almost entirely abandoned now but has a rich archive you can sift through.
  • The Aisling Library of Loures
    Much like this Library, the Aisling Library is attempting to archive the creativity of Aisling award winners. Their focus is translating entries into a modern, readable format.