History of Temuair

History of Temuair
(from Seanchas Temuair)

Timeline of Temuair
(compiled from Speculations on Aosda and Seanchas Temuair)

bullet First Aeon

Aeife, "Grinneal - Beginning"

bullet Second Aeon

Maerista, "The Book of the Black Cow"
Napie, "Shadows of Aosda"

bullet Fifth Aeon

Shadeed, "Bellium Infinitum"
Angelique, "Araidhe (Dwarves)"
Xibalba, "Discovery"

bullet Sixth Aeon

Nenya, "A Short History of the Eldar"
Dartanian, "Of Life and Death"

bullet Seventh Aeon

Timura, "The Wisemen"
Kaiel, "The First Ill Star"
Tasec, "The First Wizard"
Arachne, "Medenia: Genesis"
Veneficus, "History of the Academie Arcanus"
Veneficus, "As the Land Bleeds - A Brief Overview of the Elemental Wars"
Peppin, "The Tuatha de Danaan, the Aosda and the Mag Mell?"
Dryst, "The Evolution of the Modern Temuairan Warrior"
Nitrotfd, "Niarian History"
Dryst, "Historical Legends: The Birth of Cail"
Imajica-Trinity, "A History of Monks in Temuair"

bullet Eigth Aeon

Logoth, "The Discovery of the Dark Element"
Katrionah, "Decent into Darkness: The Eigth Aeon of Temuair"
Niall, "Legend of Deoch"
Dryst, "Appearance of the Dubhaimid"
Shota, "The Second Affront to Luathas" (Work Lost)
Sophocles, "Goblin and Grimlok Evolution: Historical Speculations"
Katrionah, "The Bane of Light"
Swanberg, "The Birth of the Daemon Anaman"
Ayshilin, "Dorcha Reann a. Chadul" *

bullet Ninth Aeon

Ramanayan, "The Forgotten War"
Dartanian, "Shady Deals"
Hollie, "Journal of Keefe Tenes"
NitroTFD, "Journal of Tenes"
Eochaidh, "The Annals of Dawn"
Seara, "The Betrayal"
Nitrotfd, "The Forgotten Pact"
Rookerin, "The League and its Pact of Anaman" *
Dryst, "History of Sgrios"
Dryst, "Farashyid: The Isle of Fog"
Chloe, "The Blood of the Forgotten Empire" *

bullet Tenth Aeon

LatentAura, "The Mark of Cail"
Cronus, "Before the Shadows Dance"
Chogal, "Seals of Darkness"
Solinox, "Battle of Finach"
Etienne, "L'Imperatore"
Vendes, "The Night of Tagor"
Etienne, "Chocolate"
Chamise, "Discovery of the Naddura Necklace"
Dartanian, "The Journal of Vincent d'Alkurk"
Cliona, "The History of Undine"
Mikado, "Scrolls of Danaan"
Takata, "The Formation of Mileth Crypts"
Vlak, "Dracotas Ynsagh"
Cazbrileth, "History of the Nobility of Temuair"

bullet Aisling

Farah, "En Delfisto Ne Garren De Porhal (The Destruction of The Garden of Peace)"
Lethalia, "Alternate History of Temuair"
Deksar, "The Diary of Teiraes"
Dartanian, "The Greater Evil" *
Anhedria, "Of the Natural Order, Conflict and Consequence"
Etayn, "The History of Pravat" (Work Lost)
Marlanda, "Priest of Pravat"
Peppin, "Astrid - The Children of Undine"
Brittany, "History of Medenia"

* Temuair's Greatest Histories

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