Philosophy of Temuair

Acinorev, "Goblin Culture: An Inside View"
Aeife, "The Transaction of Loures"
Aislinn, "Of Creatures, Wood and Vale"
Alaister, "The Truth of the Adosa Circle under Loures"
Angelic, "The Philosophy of Love"
Angelique, "Obscurum ac Luminarium"
Aphrodite, "Sects of Temuairan Faiths"
Arachne, "A Treatise on Lost Forms of Magic"
Artadelanmir, "Theological Integration of an Aisling"
Azov, "Aisling Hunting Mentalities"
Brightblade, "Wood Goblin Social Structure"
Callesto, "Solar Eclipses"
Chaltier, "Analysis of the Darkness, Light, and Soul"
Chloe, "Reflections on the Interactions between the Gods" *
Chult, "Goddess Danu"
Chupaca, "Energy Theory and Magic"
Cliona, "A Treatise on Priesthood"
Cliona, "An Aisling's Guide to the Fae" *
Cliona, "Mundane Tradition: Birth, Marriage, and Death"
Danu, "On Gramail: God of Time and Space"
Daravon, "Interview with the Beast"
Daravon, "Nature of the Dark Masters" *
Daravon, "Temuairan Warfare"
Dartanian, "Conjectures on the Mukul Culture and Society" *
Dartanian, "Exploits of the Deep"
Dartanian, "The Holy Star"
Deksar, "The Force of Magick: A Dreamer's Will"
Deksar, "Society of the Dubhaimid"
Dionia, "Semitas Arcana Temuair"
Dominique, "Dance with Me!"
DoomHealer, "The Philosophy of Power"
Dryst, "Schisms of Temuairan Religion"
Enclave, "The Aisling Belief of Evil"
Etienne, "De Obscurite et Lumiere" *
Etienne, "Economia" * - An economic essay of the villages of Temuair. Discover educated speculations on the laws of price, supply, and demand in and between villages.
Etienne, "Humans" - A thoughtful, integrated humanities essay about the societies, economies, politics, and history of humans.
Etienne, "Penombre"
FalconZero, "Theory of Hidden Power"
Fascinum, "The Chamber of the Veil"
Firemace, "Light Discovery"
FristVire, "A Treatise for the Acceptance of the Aisling" (Work Lost)
Ginger, "The Hunger"
Gokuden, "Shadow Hunger"
Garland, "The Monk's Traditional Social Graces and Culture" *
Grim, "Hexagram"
Hendle, "From Whence Nightmares Come"
Jakkal, "Revelation of the Goblin and Kobold Gateway To The East"
Khay, "Tenets of Oran"
KailieannP, "Lagorah Dubhaimid"
Kandolo, "Music Theory"
Kasmanan, "The Beauty of the Spark"
Katrionah, "Darkness and the Dubhamimid"
Katrionah, "Timeless"
Kedian, "Aosdan Mystic Theory"
Kedian, "Wizards and Magick"
Korda, "A Utopian Society"
LatentAura, "Psychology of the Classes"
Lethalia, "Caroun: The Sacrifice" *
Maerista, "Community"
Makre, "An Aibheis de Caochail"
Nagisa, "Dark Reminders: Theories Regarding the Scars of Sgrios"
Nagisa, "Fragile Chrysalis"
Naze, Naze, 'The Overlooked Class" _Class.html
Nephthys, "Mythology of Temuair"
Nitrotfd, "Gods of Temuair"
Paladine, "Conix and Faith"
Phalos, "Revelations of Druidic Prophecies"
Pyotr, "de Iuris (of Law)"
Raen, "The Spark, Innocence and Manners"
Rasputen, "Depths of Society"
Reynnard, "Fiosachd and his place in the world" (Work Lost)
Relg, "Arena Behavior"
Skar, "In Depth with the Cthonic Disciple"
Slothien, "Sgreataidh Helm"
Somae, "Peace of Mind"
Sophocles, "Planar Theory"
Sophocles, "Principles of the Beag Magical Arts"
Stella, "Marble Figures"
Synnovea, "The Malformed Spark Manifesto"
Thissus, "Prospect of Darkness"
Velious, "The Development & Mannerisms of the Greater Temuarian Insects"
Valvalis, "The Philosophy of Priesthood"
Vendes, "Culture; Fading Sparks"
Verdian, "The Magicks of the Priesthood"
Violeta, "Pre-destined or Free Will?"
Virgil, "The Temple Circles" *
Wintermoon, "Theory of Energy Balance"
Wuhao, "A Beginners Guide to Theology"
Wyrmo, "Treatise on the Elements and Their Functions"
Xilan, "Dusgadh de Chadul"
Zelina, "The Holy Doctrine of Balance"
Zemial, "Of Dual Theory of World and Gods"

* Greatest Treasures of Temuair

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