Semitas Arcana Temuair - The Paths of the Secrets of Temuair


All Aislings; young, old, masters, of greater ability or less, have called upon many secrets during 
their lifetimes. They use them to aid them in hunts, to lecture others, to cast mass, to pray, bless their allies, curse their enemies, cause massive damage, or as far as even sending them home.

What seems to be bewildering, however, is that none have ever raised a philosophical question as to why certain Aislings are able to attain these specific secrets, and not every other Aisling next door. We take them for granted, and have done so for the past century. An account of this is begged to be made, sooner or later, to at least attempt to explain the never-ending why's.

In this treatise,  the secrets of Temuair and Medenia will be examined in groups, or on their own, and which Paths have access to them, and why, in close relation to said paths’ nature. It is quite tasking to elaborate on all the spells and skills of Temuair, but hopefully this treatise will dispel some of its readers’ questions.

The Core Principles of Each Path:

Wizard: Master of Nature, Seekers of Knowledge, Discoverers and Practitioners of Darkness, Patron God: Luathas

Priest: Conduit of Holy and Unholy Energies, Empathic and Perceptive nature, Keeper of the Flock, Patron God: Glioca

Monk: Steward of Nature and Vitality, Pillar of Strength, Warden of Balance, Patron God: Cail

Rogue: Master of Shadows and Tricks, Lovers of Individualism and Materialism, Vulnerable to Vices. Patron God: Fiosachd

Warrior: Beacons of Valour and Honour, Seekers of Strength, Tactical Geniuses. Patron God: Ceannlaidir

It is my hope that by the end of this tome, my readers will have gained the necessary insight required, and be thankful for the secrets and skills that they have been endorsed with whenever calling upon them.

                                                                                                          -Dionia Autumne de la Croix

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Secrets that are not granted to specific classes for class reasons, such as Law Spells, Learning Spell, Religious Spells, Nis, and the likes or secrets whose purpose and reasoning for being granted to the classes they're granted to is outlined by Lore, or specific Philosophy Entries and Mundanes (Lecture Spells) will not be outlined.))