Tales of Temuair

Aeowyn, "The Ring"
Algiza, "Life Begins with a Stranger"
Ariadne, "A Tale of a Tavern" *
Archias, "Archias' Adventures"
Aeife, "Seimh Bron" *
Ardeo, "The Descendants of Paex"
Bellina, "Folly of Luathas"
Brennen, "Hy-brasyl Warriors"
Brennen, "Teirinn"
Camryn, "Tale of an Unknown Hero"
Cliona, "callaid-bhr?n"
Cliona, "The Choosing of Parlan Mire"
Cliona, "The Legend of the Succubus"
Cliona, "Stitch in Time" *
Cliona, "Manach"
Cliona, "Ulick and Clio" *
Daravon, "Blades of Misery"
Daravon, "Memories of Midnight"
Dartanian, "A Crossing of Paths"
Dartanian, "Dark Tides"
Dartanian, "For Marlina"
Dartanian, "In the Name of the Goddess" *
Deius, "Aurumanis"
Deksar, "Beatha mithear, cia feud sibh dean?"
Dryst, "The Lost Mountaineer"
Elexi, "Terror of the Crypt"
Elfette, "Speaking with a Goddess"
Eliya, "The Sounds of Demise"
Etienne, "Dream Debris" *
Etienne, "Elise"
Etienne, "Fireflies"
Etienne, "Four Far From Formidable Fables"
Faramir, "Fate's Twists"
Feena, "The Intruder"
Finn, "Faces of Dubhaim Castle"
Fyie, "A Maiden's Tale"
Gradd, "I, Aisling"
Imhotep, "Of Transformation into Animals"
Jannee, "The Locket"
Jennifer, "Blue and Pink"
Levinia, "A Man of Reason"
Logoth, "Dreamer"
Lothe, "Moon Over Suomi"
Kaieve, "When Time Comes Calling" *
Kalasin, "The Sadness of King Bruce"
Kasmanan, "White Eyes of the Yard"
Katrionah, "Fading Echoes"
Katrionah, "Grapes & Cherries of Wrath" *
Katrionah, "The Siren's Fount"
Kiera, "Dark Destiny" *
Klaudaryn, "Fifteen Years Past" *
Klaudaryn, "Fortune's Fool"
Klaudaryn, "Here be Daemons"
Klaudaryn, "Twilight of the Cockroaches"
Klaudaryn, "Undeserving Journeys"
Kullan, "The Last Warrior"
Maerista,"The Thorn of Sgrios"
Morrigan and Maerista, "Morrigan's Shadow"
Morrigon, "The Reunion"
Mordrake, "Dear Brother"
Palin, "The Kid and the Ruby" *
Ramus, "The Marauder"
Reiana, "The Peasant Army"
Rookerin, "To See with Eyes Unclouded"
Sophocles, "The Fate of Nations, Act I."
Sungam, "Diary of a Voyage"
Swinky, "Histories Reawakening"
Tandar, "The Pilgrimage"
Terris, "Trousers"
Thayer, "To See With Clouded Eyes"
Triad, "The Awakened"
Triad, "The Darkening"
Zirilian, "The Last Laugh"
Zirilian, "By Any Other Name"
Zirilian, "A Promise Made"

Poetry of Temuair

Acinorev, "Sleep Well" (Work Lost)
Aeife, "Mundane"
Aselus, "The Secret of the Garden"
Atticus, "Scripts de la luna"
BioMagus, "A True Monster…not I"
Cedrik, "Impact"
Cereus, "Whispers of Sgrios"
Chandra, "As You Lay Sleeping"
Chupaca, "Awoken"
Cleante, "For the Love of Kattrine"
Clockwork, "On the Steps of the Temple of Deoch"
Collins, "Moonlight over Temuair"
Contra, "Dear Glioca"
Creek, "The Mighty Battle"
Elmo, "The Frog at the Swamp"
Etienne, "Rucesion of Mine"
Fae, "Danaan"
Felicity, "Andraste shall never be a bard"
Flyss, "Among The Fairies"
Imajica, "Heart of Moon; Heart of Fire"
Julian, "Avec Mon Amoureux Bel De Guerrier"
Kalandre, "The Terror of the Garden"
Katrionah, "Aisling"
Kaeyhari, "The Ballad of the Blushing Bar Maid"
Kylan, "For the Children of Suomi"
LadyKyra, "A Temuarian Warrior"
Laila, "Innocence of Undine" *
Lobokia, "Mighty Gramail" *
Lothe, "Confessions"
Luzifent, "The Prophecy Dark"
Magerum, "Sal"
Mayukichan, "Farewell My Love"
Mayukichan, "Man With the Bouquet"
Mayukichan, "Mayuki's Song"
Mayukichan, "Temuair Nights" *
Manipulator, "Ceannlaidir Prayers"
Mauve, "The Mines of Kasman"
Mazrooth, "A day of a Ceannlaidir Priest"
Miray, "The Song of Gods"
MistressIvy, "Sacred Sacrifice"
Nostrus, "Awakening"
Phileas, "Glioca is Here"
Raeven, "An Herbalist's Misfortune"
Raeven, "The Drowning of Cesion"
Recca, "T'was Merely a Jest"
Rhianna, "The Eulogy" *
Rykoffe, "Where is the compassion?"
Seara, "Dark Seduction"
SkyMaiden, "A Taste of the Moon"
Teger, "A Wizard's Mistake"
Tristam, "Signs of Temuair"
Tyrain, "Cassidy's Gold"
Xibalba, "Unleashed Power"
Yobguad, "One Night in Abel (Blue and Green)"
Zirilian, "Fair Undine"

* Greatest Treasures of Temuair

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