Lore of Temuair

Aeidolon, "The Peasant's Guide to Choosing a Craft"
Aisley, "Proper Temuairian Etiquette" (Work Lost)
Angelic, "Beastiary of Temuair" * - The brilliantly illustrated, introductory guide to monsters in Mileth Crypt, Eastern Woodlands, Piet Dungeon, and Abel Dungeon.
Angelique, "Codex of Saintly Knowledge"
Angelique, "A Guide to the Office of Respected Citizen"
Areyn, "Prey" - Well-illustrated introductory guide to tactics against a variety of monsters in a real combat situations.
Ariadne, "A Cook's Guide to Piet" *
Barraigh, "In Search of Celebrity"
Biomagus, "Library of Knowledge" (Cthonic Remains, Mundanes, Sight-seeing)
Chloe, "Herbal Lore"
Dartanian, "Snipes and Snares"
Deice, "How to be a Temuairian Criminal" (Work Lost)
Deksar, "Glossary" - An extensive dictionary of terms specific to the land of Temuair. Confused about "creag", unsure about the term "Deoch"? Learn it all here.
Destine, "Aisling's Guide to Ascension"
Diermoor, "Tome of the Wanderer"
Dryst, "A Call to Duty" - A brief introduction to becoming a guard.
Duplico, "A Peasant's Introduction to Temuair" - Your starting place. Are you here and confused about what to do next? Read within.
Duplico, "A Peasant's Guide to Roleplaying"
Enclave, "Leabhar hemloch"
FalconZero, "Priest Hunting for Dummies"
Felicity, "The Art of the Priest"
Feena, "Will You Guide Me?" - A guide to mentoring young ones. You've been adventuring for a while. Learn how to bring up a new student under your wing.
Gabrel, "Temuair Subpath Guide" (Work Lost)
Galadriei, "Lore of the 'Old Tongue'"
Garland, "The Aisling's Cooking Lore and Recipes"
Glore, "The Arena"
Gokuden, "A Treasure Hunters' Guide to the Lost Labyrinth"
Gothan, "Arts of the Rogue"
Hollie-Kob, "Hosting and Planning an Aisling Fair"
Imajica, "A Guide to Beginning a Motley or Guild"
Jennifer, "Medicines and Cures of Temuair"
Kamiko, "Encyclopedia of Mundane Goods and Services"
Kayson, "The Ultimate Guide to Aisling Skills"
Kerani, "On Proper Behavior at Mass"
Klaudaryn, "Temuairan Wrestling"
Landon, "Aisling's guide to Relationships"
Lethalia, "Lioarlan de Ynsagh (Library)" * (Work Lost) - An assortment of knowledge on a variety of topics from the professions, their equipment, to curiosities of Temuair.
Larsius, "The Need to Know on Fas Nadur"
Larsius, "The Wonder of Java Root"
Lira, "Guide to Being a Thrifty Priestess" - A streamlined guide to making the most of your preistly profession.
Lustra, "Priestess Fashion Show" (6 MB)
Mayheart, "Priest Conditions, Cures, and Remedies"
Melian, "Monastery Lore"
Moiraine, "An Aisling's first day in Temuair: A Guide" - A one-day introductory step-by-step tour of your new life in Temuair.
Nazashanna, "The Ageless Land"
Nitrotfd, "The Guard: The Protector of Aislings"
Omner, "The Chaos Realm"
Paladine, "Politica Dominica" * - A concise, well-organized introduction to participating in politics in Temuair. Every respected citizen should read this.
Pashura, "Big Book Of Advice: An Aisling Guide to Etiquette" - The game includes a rich and interactive society. Become a part of it. Learn how to gain respect from your peers in Temuair.
Pill, "The Aosdic Glyph, Its True Prowness"
Raeven, "The Illustrated Handbook of Color Alchemy"
Raeven, "On Guards and Guard Duty"
Raeven, "On Rogues and Rogue Training"
Randolf, "Principia Monastica" (Monk Lore) * - An extensive, practical and well-presented guide to the art being a martial monk, when in combat or when addressing fellows of the this special monastery.
Rasputen, "Navigating Temuair"
Seara, "The Pacifists Guide to Insight" - A practical guide on the gentle path to insight. An adventurer's guide to glory, fame, prestige, and good works without killing.
Sungam, "Positioning Tactics"
Taliesin, "A Rogue's Pocket Guide to Skills and Secrets" * - A concise guide to the special abilities of the rogue. If you are rogue or considering becoming one, learn the details of what this profession offers and requires.
Taurlos, "Ainmhidh de Temuair (Bestiary)"
Tarrant, "A Guide to Conducting a Religious Mass"
Trillynia, "Finding the Elusive Mentor"
Trystan, "White Bat Lore"
Tryston,"The Gifts of the Gods" - A description of many of the miracles that the gods offer to worshippers. What powers does Cail offer his faithful worshipper? What powers does Sgrios offer his faithful worshipper? Learn here.
Tmy, "Story of Priests"
Twila, "Inside the Judge's Chamber"
Velious, "How to Become an Effective Mentor"
Vendes, "Trade & Commerce in Temuair" * - A pratical guide to making money in Temuair in several different villages.
Whisper, "Fae Alphabet"
Wisal, "Glyph of Classes"
Xibalba, "Demagoguery Conduct Manual"
Xilan, "Political Structure"
Xilan, "Artis Mystiklan" (Wizard Lore) - An extensive guide an essay to the art of wizardry. From practical advice to theoretical speculation. A wizard's guide in theory and practice.
Zeform, "Philosophy of Training"
Zyleci, "Tome of the Wandering Priestess" (Work Lost)

* Greatest Lore of Temuair

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